Product - Margin Trading

Trading Tool WEB Trading Tool, BITPointADVANCE
Trading Type Digital asset margin trading
How to Use Please login in from our website.
Currency Pair BTC/HKD
Order Type Streaming Order (Market/Limit), Single Order (Market/Limit), Stop Loss Order
Trading Hours

24 Hours/Day and 365 Day/Year (Except Maintenance Hours: 15:00-15:10/everyday, Hong Kong Time)

Order Unit 0.01BTC
Limit per Order 100BTC
However, for new Market Order (including Stop Loss Order), there is a limit of 30 BTC (Bitcoin)
Order Expiry

Good Till Cancel (GTC) - Order is valid until executed or cancelled.

Leverage Customer can choose 2x, 5x, 10x, 25x.
Trade Settlement

You will need to select and close a specific position to settle the trade.

Maximum Position Size (upper limit) 500BTC
Hedging You are allowed to hold long and short positions simultaneously.
Spread Variable spread is used.
Fee and Commission When you open a position, regardless of buy or sell, we will charge 0.035% fee on all executed orders as a commission. Additionally, if you rollover your position to the next trading day, we will charge a commission of 0.035%/day.
Stop Out (Automatic closure of your position)
  • ① When the Margin Level falls below 100%, customer's order(s) with the largest size will continue to be canceled until the Margin Level recovers to 100%.
  • ② If the Margin Level does not recover to 100% with Step 1, customer's position(s) with the largest unrealized loss will continue to close until the Margin Level recovers back to 100%.
Note: When the market price fluctuates drastically, there may be occasion where the stop out does not activate and the losses may exceed the margin.
Alert Notification When the margin level falls below 120%, a warning alert will be published on user's home screen under "Important Notice", and an alert email wlll be sent to customer's registered email.