Product - MT4 Trading

Trading Tool MetaTrader 4 (MT4)
Trading Type Digital asset margin trading
How to Use Please download the MT4 platform from our website and install it on your computer.
Order Type

Market Order, Limit Order, Stop Loss Order

Note: By combining above orders, following orders can be created.
IFD,OCO,IFD-OCO,Trailing Stop Orders
Trading Hours

24 Hours/Day and 365 Day/Year (Except Maintenance Hours: 15:00-15:10/everyday, Hong Kong Time)

Order Unit 0.01BTC
Limit per Order 10BTC
Order Expiry

Good Till Cancel (GTC) - Order is valid until executed or cancelled.

Expiration Order:Valid until the designated date

Leverage Customer can choose 2x, 5x, 10x, 25x.
Maximum Position Size (upper limit) 300BTC
Hedging You are allowed to hold long and short positions simultaneously.
Spread Variable spread is used.
Swap When a position is carried over to the following trading day, regardless of whether it is buy or sell, a swap fee is charged on your BTC position.

Swap fee is as following:
BTC/USD: Long 0.10% Short 0.08%
BTC/HKD: Long 0.10% Short 0.08%
BTC/EUR: Long 0.08% Short 0.06%
BTC/JPY: Long 0.06% Short 0.05%
Alert When the Margin Level falls below 120%, the account status bar in Terminal window will be highlighted in red.
Stop Out (Automatic closure of your position)

It will be executed if the Margin Level falls below 100%

When the Margin Level falls below 100% (i.e. account equity falls below maintenance margin), customer's position(s) with the largest unrealized loss will continue to close until the Margin Level recovers back to 100%. In some cases, all of the open position(s) may be closed automacially. When the market price fluctuates drastically, there may be occasion where the stop out does not activate and the losses may exceed the margin.

Slippage Slippage is a difference between the executed price and your designated price (Or shown price) under Limit Orders, Stop Loss Orders and Market Orders. Upon sudden market uprise or downfall, and/or customer's internet connectivity, slippage may occur. To avoid any large difference from your designated price, you can select an acceptable price range upon order. It will not execute more or less than your designated price range.